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Site is devoted to old Voronezh, its streets, squares, houses, parks, monuments. While walking through the city you can’t always know that in this house stayed A. P. Chekhov… Or what was before war in place of this new building.

You can always find a lot of old maps, photos,postcards with information about Voronezh and its environs.

There’re many sites about Voronezh on the web, but not all of them are useful. Our purpose is to create site that will be helpful, interesting and will containe a lot of summarize theme information.


Voronezh yacht-club

Voronezh yacht-club at the beginning of the XX century. Building of the beginning of XVIII century and was used by tzar Peter I as a Zeighaus for the shipbuilding on


С предложениями и вопросам, связанными с проектом Старый Воронеж и с функционированием данного сайта вы можете обращаться к нам по электронной почте:
Анатолий Пронин
Андрей Бухонов

Также у Старого Воронежа есть свои “колонии” в ряде социальных сетей: